How To Vote

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Secure Selections

Once you have inserted your voter card into the touchscreen ballot marking device, your ballot will appear and you will be able to make your selections behind a secure privacy screen.

Secure Paper Ballot

After printing your paper ballot, review your choices to ensure they are correct.

Secure Your Vote

After confirming that the printed, paper ballot accurately reflects your choices, take both the voter card from the ballot marking device and your printed, paper ballot from the voting station. Insert your printed, paper ballot into the secure scanner and watch as your official ballot is cast.

Make sure to return your voter ID card
to your poll workers before you leave.

Wear your secure voting sticker with pride.

Voters with hearing or vision challenges or other physical handicaps will find the new system accommodates them. Accessibility experts’ recommendations were part of the requirements for selecting the system. Just ask a poll worker for assistance.