Press Releases

Record Breaking Early In-Person Voting Continues: October 15 Evening Update

Georgia Businesses, Celebrities Lend Their Voices to Early-Voting Campaign

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Unveils New Online Absentee Ballot Request Portal

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Partners with Gavotingworks, The Home Depot, Cox Enterprises, and Roadie to Protect Elections from COVID-19

Secretary Raffensperger Partners with the Georgia Municipal Association to Recruit Poll Workers

Secretary Raffensperger Partners with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber Federation to Recruit Poll Workers

All Hands On Deck: Rallying Business Support for Urgent Election Needs Across Georgia

Raffensperger Partners with U.S. Election Assistance Commission to Recruit Poll Workers

Brad Raffensperger Calls on Local Groups to Commit to Poll Working: Launches Poll Worker Recruitment Tools

Sec. Raffensperger Continues to Help Counties Recruit Poll Workers

Georgia Voting Adapts: Surges Past 1 Million Vote Milestone

Raffensperger Encourages Absentee Ballot Voting as COVID-19 Precautions Result in Long Wait Times at the Ballot Box

Raffensperger Taps Georgia Suppliers for Masks, Sanitizer

1 Million Plus Georgians to Vote Absentee – and Counting

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Appoints Absentee Ballot Fraud Task Force

Secretary of State Warns Georgia Licensees Against Coercive Tactics and False Threats During Coronavirus Pandemic

Yet Another Success for Georgia’s Secure Paper-Ballot System

Dress Rehearsal Shows Georgia Ready for Presidential Preference Primary

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Takes Legislative Hatchet to Long Voter Lines

Secretary of State’s Office Opens Its Doors To Accessibility Community

Election Alert- 1 Week Left To Register To Vote In PPP

Audit Supports Returns in Special Election

#WeDelivered- Voting Machine Deliveries for the Presidential Preference Primary Are Complete

100% of Georgia Counties Join Cybersecurity Protection Group

The King Center and Secretary of State of Georgia Extend Partnership to 100 Congregations

Secretary of State Partners with Georgia Tech Researchers to Advance Fight Against Cyber Threats

Richmond County Hosting Secure the Vote GA Event

ICYMI: Georgia’s New Paper-Ballot Voting System Inspires Confidence Ahead of 2020 Presidential Primary

Secretary of State and Georgia Cyber Center Join Forces

Special Election Set for Senate District 13

Deadline Today to Register for Special Election

Largest Delivery to Date Paper-Ballot System

Liberty County Demo

Bipartisan Rules Posted For Paper-Ballot System

The King Center and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Partner to Educate Voters

Georgia Election Officials Make Record Turnout for Training Conference

Georgia Launches Secure the Vote

Pilot Was Successful

Peanut Poll Results Are Peachy

New Voting System Performs Well

Audit Press Handout

Media Kit

Georgia Voting System Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

Verified Voting Flowchart for Conducting Risk Limiting Audits.pdf

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