Become a Poll Worker

Become a Poll Worker

Every year elections in Georgia are made possible because thousands of ordinary people step up to the extraordinary call of serving as a poll worker. In general elections, Georgia is likely to continue to have 5 million Georgians turn out to vote in approximately 2,600 polling places. Having enough poll workers is key to ensuring everyone who is eligible to vote has the opportunity to exercise that right on Election Day. Poll worker recruitment has become increasingly difficult for many counties making the need for Georgians to step up and serve as a poll worker. It is important, rewarding and interesting work.

How to Become a Poll Worker

To serve as a poll worker, you must be 16 years of age or over and able to read, write, and speak English. Additionally, you must be a resident or employee of the county where you serve as a poll worker or have permission from your county’s election office to work in an adjoining county without causing a worker shortage in your home county. Poll workers are hired and trained by Georgia’s 159 counties. While compensation rates may vary by county, poll workers generally earn about $60 – $140 per day. All hiring and staffing decisions are made by the county. If you are interested in serving as a poll worker, please provide your contact information at Additionally, you may contact your elections office directly here.

Poll Worker Recruitment

You can help Georgia voters by sharing the poll worker sign-up information with members of your community through email, texting, social media, and printed posters and flyers. The sample outreach materials included in this Poll Worker Resources Toolkit will help to encourage your members sign-up to be a potential poll worker at

For large groups seeking to serve together at a specific precinct, please contact your county election office directly here.


Social Media Graphics & Posts

Poll Workers Needed Social Media – English (JPG)
Poll Workers Needed Social Media – Spanish (JPG)


Poll Workers Needed Poster – English (PDF)
Poll Workers Needed Poster – Spanish (PDF)


Poll Workers Needed Flyer – English (PDF)
Poll Workers Needed Flyer – Spanish (PDF)


Poll Worker Recruitment Newsletter – English (PDF)
Poll Worker Recruitment Newsletter – Spanish (PDF)