Stop Voter Fraud

Ensure Secure Georgia Elections.

Under years of conservative leadership, Georgia’s elections are among the most secure in the nation. If you witness questionable election-related activity, please click the link below and fill out the Stop Voter Fraud form. Your information will be forwarded directly to the Secretary of State’s investigations division staffed with fully trained and certified investigators. Or, call our Voter Fraud Hotline at 877-725-9797. You may be contacted by an elections investigator for additional information.

Thank you for your participation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Dominion?

Dominion Voting Systems is an American owned company that made Georgia’s voting system, after the new system was authorized by Republican-passed legislation that was signed by Governor Brian Kemp. The allegation that votes were switched has been proven false repeatedly. After 2 recounts – including a full hand recount – and a forensic audit of the Georgia’s voting machines, we have confirmed the accuracy of the vote.

Are Monitors allowed to view the recount process?

Monitors were allowed, encouraged, and present for the recount process. All monitors were credentialed by local and state parties. The Secretary of State made it clear to counties that monitors should be able to observe the initial count and the recount processes. For the hand recount, lawyers for both the state Republican and Democratic parties signed off on the observation rules.

Does Dominion change Ballots?

The Dominion voting system does not change ballots. That has been proven false repeatedly through 2 recounts – including a full hand recount – and a forensic audit of the Georgia’s voting machines. It is complete disinformation. The full hand recount of the English language selections made on the printed paper ballots cast in-person and the absentee ballots cast by mail demonstrated that the voting system counted the ballots accurately and reliably.

A report by WSB-TV on the forensic audit of Georgia’s voting machines can be found here.

We successfully oversaw the most secure election in Georgia history. Any claims that our election process is anything but safe and secure are 100% false.

Do you investigate fraud?

Every credible allegation of voter fraud has and will be investigated by our seasoned team of investigators. We have launched more than 250 investigations related to elections in 2020 alone, more than 130 of which deal specifically with the November elections.

Our state successfully demonstrated the most secure election in Georgia history, according to the then-head of the cyber security for the U.S. and President Trump’s Attorney General. Any claims that our election process is anything but safe and secure are 100% false.

Our office has and will continue to investigate real, credible evidence of voter fraud. We will continue to keep integrity at the forefront. We will count every legal vote, and only legal votes.

Was there machine tampering in Ware County?

Like many of the other conspiracy theories in Georgia, this has no basis in fact. The voting machines in Ware County were not seized, and the machines had no issues. There were not any cases of tampering with the votes whatsoever. There has been no evidence of vote flipping. This false claim has been debunked by our office. Please see this news article for more information.

Did the Secretary of State’s office signature match?

Counties run elections, not the Secretary of State’s office. Likewise, counties conduct signature match, not the Secretary of State’s office. Nonetheless, every absentee ballot was signature matched twice by the counties before the ballot was counted.

The county-led signature match process was held up by a signature match audit in Cobb County and was endorsed in Fulton County by a state appointed monitor.

The Secretary of State’s office worked with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to train election officials on signature match. Absentee ballot signatures were matched by the counties twice before any ballot was ever cast; when the application is accepted and when the ballot is accepted. This applies to any absentee ballot.

The signature on the absentee ballot oath envelope and then the signature on the absentee ballot envelope were compared to the signatures on file from past registrations, the Department of Driver Services, or, in the case of the ballot envelope, the absentee ballot application to verify the signature. If the signature on the absentee ballot oath envelope was missing or does not match the previous signatures, county elections officials will contact the voter with instructions on providing ID to verify and cast their ballot. This cure process was created by the Republican-controlled legislature in 2019.

Why am I receiving so many mail-in ballots?

Many people have confused absentee ballot applications with absentee ballots themselves. There is nothing in Georgia law that prohibits independent groups from sending absentee ballot applications to potential voters so many voters received multiple applications. However, voters can only request one ballot per election. The signature is matched twice before the ballot is counted.

Did the Secretary of State sign a consent decree?

The Attorney General signed an agreement to prevent the state from losing signature match. The attorney who signed the agreement is also the same attorney for the Georgia Republican Party. At the time, Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer had zero issue with giving counties 24-hour notice to a voter if a signature had been rejected.

Were ballots switched in the recount process?

No, ballots were not switched. After reviewing security footage, one can conclude that claim is 100% false. Furthermore, ballots are printed and marked in plain English. If the machines were to switch ballots (they did not), the full hand recount/risk limiting audit would catch that. Our audits concluded the machines tallied the ballots correctly.  Additionally, party monitors were present during the recount to ensure a fair count and transparency.

Why did Cobb County have a signature audit?

A signature match audit was conducted in Cobb County due to allegations that correct signature match processes were not followed during the June 2020 primaries. Investigators from the Secretary of State’s office worked with Georgia Bureau of Investigation officers to conduct the audit. The audit found no fraudulent ballots and found no evidence that the process was not followed.

State Farm Arena

5:22am Videos of Discovery of Water Leak When Workers Arrive

In the 5:22am videos below, workers arrive in the State Farm Arena absentee ballot processing room first thing in the morning and see the leak for the first time. Workers move tables and ballots to prevent potential water damage, but no ballots or equipment are damaged.


6:30am Videos of Initial Clean Up Activities

In the 6:30am videos below, staff members wait for the water leak to be cleaned up. You can see them moving tables but not tampering with the ballots. Poll workers return to the room and wait to resume their work.

7:11am Videos of Carpet Vacuuming and Drying

In the 7:11 am videos below, workers are vacuuming and drying floors to finish up the cleaning process. Multiple people are present getting the room ready for the remainder of the day.

8:22am Videos of Re-setup of Room to Process Ballots

In the 8:22am videos below, workers begin to move and arrange the room to the original layout prior to the leak. They move tables and ballot containers for the counting processes. There were no “secret” suitcases. In the second video, with tables set in an “L” shape against a top to bottom window wall in the background, a man moves a table with a black tablecloth that clearly has nothing underneath it. At around 10:00 pm, poll workers will put empty absentee ballot containers underneath that table as they initially prepare to stop counting ballots for the night.

9:45pm-1:00am Videos of Workers Processing Ballots, Storing Legal Ballots, Removing Legal Ballots From Storage and Scanning

In the 9:45am-1:00am videos below, the room has now been reset, the water has been cleaned, and poll workers have continued processing legal ballots. In the second video, again with the L shaped tables set against a top to bottom window wall, at 9:57 pm, empty absentee ballot containers are brought into the room as poll workers prepare to stop counting for the night. The empty containers are filled with uncounted absentee ballots, closed, sealed, and then stored under the table at 10:06 pm in a room full of people (minute 12:37-21:52). The absentee ballot containers were stored under the table because poll workers thought they were done for the night. The containers were then taken out again at 11:02 pm for processing after the poll workers were told they needed to continue working. All ballots shown in the video have been legally verified. Numerous people are in the room witnessing the process.

Dominion CEO Corrects the Record Before the State Election Board

On February 24, the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems came before Georgia’s State Election Board to answer outstanding questions about the November elections.

Letter to Congress and Vice-President Pence Refuting Disinformation Claims

Dear Congressmen and Senator Loeffler:

“Thank you to each of you for your service to our country. I am addressing this letter to you because each of you have publicly stated that you are going to object to Georgia’s electors elected in the November 2020 election. You are certainly entitled to your opinions. However, I want to ensure that your colleagues in the House and Senate have accurate information on which to base their votes to your objection. I respectfully request that you enter this letter into the Congressional Record. Once these refutations are considered, I am confident that Georgia’s validly elected electors will be accepted.”

“I can definitively say that the results reported by the Dominion Voting System used in Georgia were accurate.”

“The facts show that the claims that the 2020 election did not follow Georgia law on absentee ballots are false.” 

“In Georgia, we were able to show that none of these allegations are true because we completed a 100% hand audit of ballots cast in the presidential contest.”